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hightime deathmatch+ servers, open to all, are dedicated to fragging your friends 24/7
our four-core blade is located in kansas, usa
more info at our official forum thread
source code at gitlab
russian + english

our xonotic servers offer a mix of vanilla deathmatch, instagib deathmatch, and racing. gamers of all styles and skill levels are welcome.

hightime values your privacy as much as it values your right to express yourself via gameplay. our in-game chat is not bridged to irc or anywhere else. our server logs are purged regularly, unless we are debugging a specific stability issue.

hightime does not discourage a frank exchange of ideas and opinions, though we ask our patrons to be polite to each other. because of that, the in-game chat on our servers presumes an adult audience.

longestyard_ql.pk3longest yard by id

spaceapple_xon.pk3space apple by justin

abandoned.pk3radical proverb, aka abandoned by -z-

devised by -z- in the before times, this map is a gnarly knot of pure action braided with platforming layout which requires ibex-like footwork to stay alive, and explodes with jet pack-assisted chaos as soon as the player count hits 4.


a fantastic beauty suspended over a gorgeous sunset in the upper stratosphere. this largish futuristic platform will push you to be alert at all times, and you will find that it's much easier to go down than up.

aedm7_q3.pk3aeon's dm7 redux by aeon (?)

aggressorx_wz_04.pk3aggressor remake
by kevin "tyrann" shanahan,
paul evers, fruitiex, nifrek, and mario

a faithful remake of the dynamic oa mosh pit, great for duels and up. it feels a tad more compact, and yet more spacious at the same time, thanks to the see-through portals extending the line of sight. sparkling with polish, this map breathes new life into the old arena.

almostlost_ht.pk3almost lost by id

asylum_full.pk3asylum by id

bastille-full.pk3bastille by proraide

bastille-top.jpg bastille-bottom.jpg

by tom 'phantazm11' perryman

bloodrun_ht.pk3blood run by ztn

breath_b7.pk3breath by debugger

this map features flawless layout combined with spot-on texturing and simple yet refreshingly cute interior design. taken together, these qualities put this compact map at the very top of any ffa list.

brimstoneabbey_ht.pk3brimstone abbey by id


castle-beta2.pk3castle beta 2
by sago007, cortez, accident_216, hanzo

this is a craftful and inspired remake of yago's castle (outside). cortez adds much-needed depth and flourish to an already well balanced classic ctf arena. though still in beta, this map has the promise of a masterpiece.

checkmate_1.0.pk3checkmate by julius


cliffside_ht.pk3cliffside by id

coldwar_ht.pk3cold war by id


crucible.pk3crucible by theshadow


cubes-x03-r02.pk3cubes by justin


czest1dm_oa.pk3monastery at night by adam "czestmyr" vojtech

this openarena classic features many highly connected rooms of every size, including a spacious courtyard with an assassin's perch

dc_map08_ht.pk3dark chapel by id

dc_map12_ht.pk3fatal instinct by id

deadandgone_ht.pk3dead and gone

demonkeep_ht.pk3demon keep by id

dmp14_q3.pk3null and void by fxd

this maps is large, wide open, and full of that windy breezy feeling. it is an absolute riot for anyone who likes to move in all 3 dimensions and rain the justice from up high. the balance is superb: the line of sight is deftly splintered by force fields, and the only vortex on this map is the massive cyclone beneath.

downer_final_r1.pk3downer by cortez

a beautifully laid out 3d labyrinth that makes you feel anything but claustrophobic.



encore.pk3encore by cortez

this map sports several rooms with unusual layouts, connected with branching hallways. thanks to the five star visual design, moving around is incredibly fun. as you pick up speed, you also have to confront the pixel-perfect topography, and timing your jumps can sometimes make or break your game. slated 1v1 or 2v2, this map is also perfect for a mid-sized free-for-all.

estatica.pk3estatica by cardigan

evilspace_r1.pk3evilspace remake by cortez & fruitiex

forest2_fixed.pk3forest 2

a lush forest, a mysterious temple, and now, thanks to julius, the secret heart of the mountain can be revealed to those who dare to meet the challenge

furiousheights_ht.pk3furious heights by id

fx-techdamn.pk3technical damnation by fractalxx

gasoline_02_fixed.pk3gasoline powered by fruitiex, kid, mario

this pack contains 4 maps, suited for 0, 1, 2, and 3 teams

geo-core_nex.pk3geo core by q

gwdm1_q3.pk3achromatic by greg ward flipout

handsofgod_nex.pk3hands of god by pingu

hellsgate_ht.pk3hell's gate by id

hellsgateredux_ht.pk3hell's gate redux by id


houseofdecay_full_r1_q3.pk3house of decay by id

hub3aeroq3a_nex_r5_fix4.pk3aerowalk by preacher

first created for the original quake, aerowalk became an instant hit upon its release in 1997. its popularity has spawned numerous remakes for quake derivatives, and has made frequent appearances in tournaments. this remake comes from a quake 3 mod named challenge pro mode arena, map "cpm22". aerowalk favors a fast, rushed strategical and technical approach, has a lot of control points, and rewards utilization of teleporters for shot placement.




jasm.pk3jasm by cortez

an ultra-compact space platform with multiple levels, clever catwalks, and an auxiliary floating island of camping doom

jul_farewell_laserfire_1.5.pk3farewell laserfuck by tymo, dev0, julius

kaos2_oa.pk3khaos everywhere!
by Dmitry "Vondur" Svetlichny "leileilol"


lastmansins_v2.pk3last man standing, sins edition
by cortez, modified by julius and a certain goat




luminar.pk3luminar by debugger

a mid-sized map that spots layout like no other, breaking out of the grim mold with crisp teal textures.

mc-tm01-akuma_q3.pk3prospect by akuma

mental-gap-beta4.pk3mental gap by nodenum

a highly symmetrical platform sequence with powerful jump pads closing the loop. intended primarily for team play, this map is just too pretty to pass up: its clean-and-easy see-through layout is balanced out by numerous obstructions, both tactical and strategic, and the vortex situation which can only be described as enigmatic.

mm_q3.pk3the minister's madness by ?

monastery_ht.pk3monastery by ?


oa_shine_converted.pk3shine by henke "stjartmunnen" bjork

converted by bartuc, this is a darker and more sinister version of the openarena original, with rebalanced weapon placement and a mega health. the pillars create an illusion of wide open rooms, even though there are hardly any walls, and ultimately turn this map upside-down, making it more tempting than ever to move around via gravity defying hops. in stark contrast to its name, this map's darkened underpasses and pale green palette will likely instill a feeling of unspeakable horror in some players: think a ring wraith riding a cthulhu in the abyss beneath your feet.

oasago2_oa.pk3sago's outer castle
by poul "sago007" sander



ospdm12_q3.pk3deschutes by random

ospdm2_q3.pk3batcula -tourney edition- by nunuk

ospdm4_q3.pk3bitter embrace by mr. clean

ospdm6_q3.pk3suicide by druzli

ospdm8_q3.pk3charity bell by jalisc0

a tourney edition of the chastity belt duel (orange remix)



phrantic.pk3phrantic by id, cortez remake

a duel-sized compound with clean lines and the layout executed to perfection. the deceptively simple design creates a deep feeling and an amazing, instantly recognizable atmosphere seemingly out of nothing.

pro-dcmap7_ht.pk3fortress 2089


pukka3dm1.pk3hot place by thefury

pukka3tourney1_q3.pk3tribute by thefury


pukka3tourney4.pk3otherworld by thefury




q2edge-jb-beta9.pk3the edge by hanzo

A radiant remake of the id classic q2dm1.


quark_v4.pk3quark by spike


qzdm11_ht.pk3chemical reaction by id

qzdm12_ht.pk3dredwerks by id

dredwerks-hub.jpg dredwerks-span.jpg

qzdm13_ht.pk3lost world by id

qzdm14_ht.pk3grim dungeons by id

qzdm3_ht.pk3arena of death by id

qzdm4_ht.pk3place of many deaths by id

qzdm5_ht.pk3forgottent place by id

qzdm7_ht.pk3temple of retribtion by id

qztourney4_ht.pk3vertical vengeance by id

a quakelive classic with a dynamic terraced layout and a central hub, great for duels and up

req1dm3_ht.pk3abandoned warehouse by id, remake by reboot

a-ware-pool.jpg a-ware-climb.jpg

reqkitchen.pk3nuclear lunch time

the screenshot explains it all

revdm3.pk3just another space floater by revenant


silentfright_ht.pk3silent fright by id

skyhigh_ht.pk3skyhigh by ?



spacecamp_ht.pk3space camp by id

a deviously scrambled timeless classic, furnished with all the standard weapons, even the crylink, for those lucky enough to discover its secret.

spacecont_oa.pk3space contact
by poul "sago007" sander and luciano "neon knight" balducchi

spacecross_bwh1.pk3space cross by paul evers


strength.pk3strength by strahlemann


the_yard.pk3the yard by cortez

the longest yard remake 2 kill 4, enough said.



trinity_full_ht.pk3trinity by id

tuhma.pk3tuhma by smilecythea

a fun cozy map with hilarious textures, a bit unforgiving when it comes to free space, but cleverly tangled. it features risque themes, and is mildly offensive to crylink fans (crylink itself not included).


by pink robot, converted by leeloo

an island in the sky, where jaw-dropping vistas frame the well-rounded platforms adorned with exquisite detail. the layout is both unique and incredibly appealing, and will put your inner tactician to the test, as you keep marveling at how different everything looks, depending on where you happen to be.

zastavka_q3.pk3zastavka u brna by ?

office_ht.pk3the office by raunchy


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